23 ans · Nancy

Félicitations !
7ème Global et 1ère Lorraine au concours 12-14 ans qui s’est terminé il y a 10 ans.



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Amanda Regan
Amanda Regan 702 thank you please return to Holly Holly
Lorraine Kemp
Lorraine Kemp Please please help Holly. Holly We committed ourselves to returning all votes made to Holly, we haven't purchased any for her. Thank you for the amazing support, we've had fun, thank you. Xx
martinehaller 698 bonne journée
Steve Bodman
Steve Bodman 697 Only hours left :) please vote our boy Ryleigh-Arthur! We have earnt every vote without having to buy votes, The support from the competition has been amazing And I have met some true winners! Thankyou and good luck :)
Donna Blakey
Donna Blakey Please vote for Emmie All votes returned x
Lorraine Kemp
Lorraine Kemp 696 Please vote for Holly, we will return all votes Please help and vote for Holly ? 1 day left!!! . Holly votes returned. thank you very much. Xx
Regine Thery
Regine Thery 695 à rendre à floria Floria
Jane OConnell
Jane OConnell 693 please return to Holly Holly
Stephen Ferguson
Stephen Ferguson 691 returned thank you please return again :D
Michael Bodman
Michael Bodman 690 1 day left :) please vote our boy Ryleigh-Arthur! Please return vote for more votes from us. :) Thankyou and good luck :)
Amanda Regan
Amanda Regan 672 please return to Holly Holly
Daisy Kelly
Daisy Kelly 668 1 day left :) please vote for my boy Ryleigh-Arthur Please return vote for more votes from us. :) Thankyou.
Valerie Connor
Valerie Connor Holly 666 returned from Holly Thank you Please vote again and we will return
Shane Picoto
Shane Picoto 665.Please return vote to our little cutie. There are only a few hours left and its because of all of you that he is in 1st place. He is truly so deserving. Thank you in advance and good luck with your competition :).
Benes Labarre
Benes Labarre vote rendu 7418 merci bye bye Virginie